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The chart at left captures the history of {{ mainCoName }}’s R&D productivity (RQ) relative to the rivals you’ve selected for comparison. As a reminder, the RQ scale is matched to the human IQ scale. An RQ of 100 is the 2010 average across all US traded firms. {{ mainCoName }}’s current RQ is {{ mainCoRQ }}. This is {{ mainCoCompare }} the average for all firms in the current quarter.

The most immediate benefit of knowing RQ is establishing appropriate investment levels through the R&D Modeler. However, the greatest power in the RQ measure lies in your ability to improve it over time. Increasing RQ increases profitability and market value for any given level of R&D investment. The best way to improve is to identify where best practice (highest RQ) resides (among your current rivals, your own prior history, or particular divisions within {{ mainCoName }}), determine what’s distinctive about those R&D practices and then selectively implement them across {{ mainCoName }}.

[PARAGRAPH 3, IF ONE OR MORE RIVALS HAS HIGHER RQ THAN COMPANY] The chart at left indicates that {{ mainHighestRival }} may currently have better R&D practices.

[ALTERNATE PARAGRAPH 3 – ALTERNATIVE TO ABOVE, IF COMPANY HAS HIGHEST RQ SCORE AMONG RIVALS] The chart indicates that {{ mainCoName }} currently has the highest RQ among its rivals. Congratulations!

The chart also indicates that your current R&D practices are the best they’ve ever been. Congratulations.

The chart also indicates that your R&D practices in {{ mainHighestYear }} may have been superior to your current practices.

Finally, the charts below indicate how the RQ scores of your divisions vary. {{ mainCoName }} may be able to improve its top level RQ by having all divisions examine or adopt the best practices of divisions with the highest RQ levels.



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